Tamara Jonah Goka is a leading young entrepreneur in Ghana. She is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of the LionHeart Group.


Before she made it to the top her road was like many. After graduating from the University of Essex Tamara was faced with the dilemma many have faced. She didn’t know where she wanted to head in to. Oh, she knew that she would make use of her creativity, Tamara just wasn’t sure in what sector she could use.

At the advice of her brother, she took a test. Hours later and 200 questions later she had her answer and got the ball rolling.




One master in business administration in Tourism and Hospitality, Tamara was in South Africa working as a wedding planner. Once satisfied she had the bases and more she returned to Ghana where she demonstrated that she took after her father’s business mind and her mother’s socialite skills and rounding everything with her creative skills, it is of no surprise that she went into high profile event planning.


Over the past decade The LionHeart Group has planned over 400 events ranging from weddings to high profile events that have left the clients 100% satisfied. Over 80% of Tamara’s clientele are repeat customers, satisfied with Tamara’a attention to the detail and above and beyond service.


This resulted in Tamara being a lead entrepreneur in Ghana and she has not stopped there as she wishes to create sustainable hospitality business that will create jobs. In Ghana.

Article by Jennifer Thieulin 😊


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