“Coming together allows us to get better at understanding and solving issues around us”


 Hawa Kebe is a strong advocate of African women role models.  She truly believes that each individual has a set of unique talents that are worth sharing to impact their community but also make the world a better place.

Born in Senegal, raised in Côte d’Ivoire and and thanks to her globetrotting, Hawa likes to describe herself as a hybrid African. She designs and implements projects for youth and women employment in West Africa with an international organization.
Hawa is the founder of SETI, a platform aiming at promoting successful initiatives of African woman and its diaspora in Vienna, Austria. SETI highlights, connects and empowers women of talent who are impacting their communities and beyond.

Empowering and connecting African role models

Hawa believes that “Two minds are better than one.” “Share, support each other and grow” “Alone we go fast but together we go farther.” She is passionate about entrepreneurship, women empowerment and personal development. She has a strong desire to promote a new narrative about the African continent and its diaspora.
She started SETI due to a frustration. Living in Vienna Hawa attended many social events and met great and talented women who have done great things. However, she felt there was no space where these women could share their stories. That frustration led her to create SETI. It’s a safe place where African women and disapora share their expertise, knowledge, and more importantly a place where they are able to inspire each other. Hawa believes in role models and think that a human brain is opened to experiences, in the sense that when a person sees that there are many options available, they can break down barriers and challenge themselves.

Practical apsects of Seti

SETI is all about practical aspects. “It’s not only coming together and talk but we really build skills through trainings. We have networking events where I invite women of talents in differents fields of expertise such as negotiation, communication, networking, and business construction to name a few.” On the one hand they can share their stories and the challenges that they face and what they learn from them. And on the other hand, they are able to share tips that they use to move forward. For instance, the last event that SETI organized, they invited a very talented panelist Cindy Moyo who is great at networking. She presented tips and tools that women can use in a networking event from a very strategic way.
Always on the move and curious about the world, Hawa doesn’t miss any opportunity to connect with people and learn from others.

How do you Reach your goals ?

It is enriching to tap in what other people have to offer. Putting forward what we call  comparative advantages. We cannot have the full picture as individuals, we have to come together to offer solutions to the diaspora.

Althoug her goal is with african women and its diapora, Hawa does not stop her objectives there, she intentionnally invites women from other backgrounds. For two reasons 1) because she is open minded and love to embrace other cultures and 2) to show off african talent and stories to others.

The platform SETI started a year ago and  it has offered many, from professionals to  students, an opportunity to improve themselves.

From Hawa’s experience, women tend to fall behind because of cultural considerations and maybe a lack of confidence, they tend to belittle themselves sometimes. As a woman, she presents solutions to challenges where she sees them.

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