25 septembre 2020

Bea Simpson, a strong advocate for girls education

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Découvrez votre style

Bea strongly believes that the quality of education and information provided to girls in school either empowers or disempowers them.

A feminist

Bea Simpson considers herself to be a feminist with interest in education, law and social justice. She is currently reading governmentality in education as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge where she completed an MPhil in Educ in 2019.


Also, a Lincoln, Huddersfield and Makerere Universities alumnus, she has background in law, politics and literature. Bea is a strong advocate for education and co- founded Tusome Africa, an education charity based in the UK and in Uganda. She believes strongly that education provides a route through which girls and women can access information and critical skills to enable them to question their status and to curve out a better future for themselves.

Her topic on: Education and the girl child: the role of a feminist lens in education, problematises the challenges faced by girls in education, (especially girls from rural and traditional backgrounds) the formal and informal route of education and the provision of information to girls as they traverse the education landscape. Bea believes that the quality of education and information provided to girls in school either empowers or disempowers them.

Empowering girls and women through education

Bea is interested in discussing how we can train up children with the right skills and techniques to equip them to face local, national and global challenges. She is interested in educational policies and their genealogy. Who decides what education policies to enact and who is exclude within these policies? How do girls interrogate the clash between the traditional and the modern knowledge? How do we equip girls to manage this in the classroom, at home and the world?


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