30 juillet 2020

Doreen Nyanjura she’s on a roll!

Découvrez votre style

Découvrez votre style

Some people are born to enter the political field. one such person is Doreen Nyanjura, a Ugandan politcal woman through and through. She’s an icon of hard work and determination. 

When we are young many of us do not take any interest in politics. Truly politics do not really concern us until we are of legal age to vote usually in our late teens early twenties. Doereen’s earliest interst in politics was at the age of 12!   

Yes ladies and gentlemen, at 12 Doreen analysed and broke down the politcal manifesto of Presidential Candidate Dr. Kiiza Besiye.  at the young age of 12 Doreen influence her father to vote for him as she argued that he (Dr. Besigye) was at disadvantage as he was not able to complete explain his ideas as he presented them in abstentia.

This was just the begining, she followed through. During her highschool days Doreen was elected as Chairperson at Mashenika Girls School. Later on, she was elected as Vice President  of Makere’s University Guild.

But not all was straight forwards and easy for Doreen. In 2012 our growing star was arrested for co-authoring a highly cirtical book « Is it a Fundamental Change? ». The book critisized the ruling political party, National Resistance Mouvement.

Doreen and Ibrahim Kisubi were judged without lawyers and sent to a high detention  prison for days until they were bailed.

This experience was traumatic as she had to wear a uniform stained with blood from  the mestrual cycle of another detainee. Doreen realized that he fight for freedom was filled with hardships and road bumps in her words Ï Learned that there was no easy way to freedom ».  Despite the trauma of the experience, Doreen left even more determined than ever.

After her first diploma, Doreen was offered a job at the Uganda National Social Security Fund in order to continue her fight for freedom. She instead elected to temporarily work as a researcher for the parliament. 

Doreen later accumalated sucesses, 2016 she became the minicpal concillor of  Makere’s University representing them at Kampala City Hall. June 2020 saw her elected as Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala. Another step amongst the many in her fight for freedom. 

We look forwards to what the future will bring and how high and far Doreen  Nyanjura will go. 


Jennifer Thieulin

Jennifer Thieulin

Aspiring young fantasy author and avid reader.
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