24 juin 2020

Deborah Somorin? Yes, that’s her!

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Deborah Somorin is an inspiring young woman. Her early days where filled with hardships but she not only survived but she is thriving. She has vowed that no others go through such hardship without help, help that the EtF can provide. 

Deborah is an awe inspiring woman who is currently living stable live, she is the mother of a young boy, Liam, and Founder of the Empower the Family (EtF) a non profit organisation. However a decade earlier she didn’t have this stability.


At age 13 when we usually worried about fit in with the friends, getting exasperated with our parents, how much pocket money we will have. At age 13 Deborah arrived at her first, of many, emergency shelter.  By her next birthday she was pregnant. And at 15 she had lost her mother to suicide. At 18 she once again found herself facing dilemma, she was of legal age and no longer could stay at her residential home. A hit one after another with little time for Deborah to deal with one before another hit.

Deborah showed she was made of sterner stuff. She secured a home for herself and son. Deborah then followed on to study accounting and finances at Dublin City University (DCU). One Masters’s in accounting and finances Deborah recieved her job offers from two of the worlds’ leading accountancy firms.


This is what lead to the creation of Empower the Family (EtF). The non-profit organisation aims that no-one else lives through the fear of being homeless that Deborah lived. EtF is geared towards single parents aged between 18-23. EtF is meant to provide accommodation and childcare to those who would not be able to attend university over wise.


Deborah is a change maker as the Founder of Empower the Famiy, Deborah has plans to for the group to have its first Social Housing by September 2023, in south Dublin.  To give others the chance to realise that they still have a choice no matter the the hand they’ve been dealt. Ultimately their goal is to accomplish 10 of he 17 UN Sustainable Develpments Goal.

 When asked why her answer was simple “It is not okay to turn a blind eye”. 


Jennifer Thieulin

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